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"One Of A Kind" 

Handcrafted Items 

* * * Created by MzJanice * * *
Here are some the items that MzJanice has already created as Special Oders or Gifts.


*Special Ordered * Star Moon Blanket *

I really love the colors and the way the blanket feels...

Thank You!!!!

Celtic Starz

*Special Ordered* Beatles Blanket*

Your beatles quilt was a HIT! Thanks again :)

James Goff Jr


*Special Ordered * Baby Clothes Memory Blanket *

I love my memory blanket....It is beautiful!!!  MzJanice captured many cute things from each article of clothing.  Over 100 squares.

Jacki W.


       *A Gift * Crown Royal Wall Tapistry *

Thanks Mom!!!

Wow, that is cool.....Everyone wants to know where I got it.



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Thank You for taking the time to look!!!!


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